Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Mind your Head!

I finally got around to writing my holiday report on Antigua and posted it on this blog..
When I finished I suddenly remembered my fishing trip and the way I felt afterwards so I thought I would share my cautionary tale with you!

The trip was far off-shore and the waves, most of the time were big and rolling. I went for the eight hour trip as I was determined to catch 'The Big One'

The day seemed to last forever and it was not until we were way offshore that I discovered I was supposed to bring my own lunch. So, nothing to eat and mainly only their beer to drink and it was HOT! I only got a Mahi Mahi although a large Marlin roared in on my lure only to flip it contemptuously away after dragging us around for a while.

Finally we got back and I must admit to feeling a little sun-stroked and light headed. Fortunately that is like a lot of Antiguans drive so I weaved my car back to the hotel quite safely just in time for sun-downers.

There was Judith, getting me a Mojito and all was well in the world. Then I moved on to another few cocktails like 'Reef Runner' and a good old 'Sex on the Beach'. I felt pretty good really.....until I stood up. OH GOD! The heavens moved and all was not really 'all well in the world' Better get to my toilet I thought Sharpish!

The way to the toilet was along a beautifully manicured winding path with young palm plants along each side. I know they were a special sort of palm because I took the tour the previous day and met the gardener. These palms were unusual AND his pride and joy as he had raised and nurtured them since they were tiny

I fell face first into them.
They flew towards me as I crashed down on them. One penetrated my butt and the others scraped crazy patterns on my face that both lasted days and caused great embarrassment to me and hilarity from most of the staff and management.

So the moral of this true story?

1/ Eat during the day
2/ Take on lots of non alcoholic fluids.
3/ Do NOT hit the cocktails if you have been in the sun too long.
4/Improve your aim.

p.s. I suggest you avoid the gardener as I still wince when I think of his accusing glare!