Thursday, 16 December 2010

Stranger than fiction

On the lighter side here are a few facts/urban legends about some of our favourite suppliers which I have picked up over the years. Some are quite old but worth another airing. I cannot vouch that any of them are actually true……but!

RYANAIR are continuing their approach that “all publicity” is good. Residents of Barcelona were promised “free tickets” if they turned up with placards praising the carrier or disparaging Iberia, the national carrier. The 500 vouchers disappeared in 20 minutes and a riot ensued with staff taken to a local police station for protection.

AMSTERDAM recently hosted the Paralympics World Championships. Unfortunately the former 100 metres record holder in the ladies event was unable to take part …………….. British Airways lost her artificial leg at Heathrow.

KOREAN AIR hails itself as one of the most popular airlines in the Far East. Service was not mentioned but their lightweight pure wool overnight blankets, supplied on all long haul flights, were. It seems passengers regard them as being part of the ticket price and remove them at will. In the last 12 month period they have lost over 300,000.

IRISH FERRIES apologies to passengers who “took the hump” following a 45 hour delay to one of its Holyhead to Dublin services. The Captain somehow failed to negotiate the only whale in the Irish Sea, which caused extensive damage to the bow of the ship

VIRGIN has come under criticism following the behaviour of one of its flight attendants on a recent Gatwick to Las Vegas service. During severe turbulence one of the flight crew is reported to have “thrown”, hopefully unused, sick bags to the passengers and then started screaming “We are crashing”. Wholesale panic ensued before the Captain restored order. An investigation is under way but those of a nervous disposition should consider their options.

ALASKA AIRLINES already facing a half million dollar fine for not having emergency lighting in their cabin for a two month period, faced more media criticism when a passenger, travelling with her dog, witnessed the poor creature, in a crate, being thrown head height and headlong into the cargo hold. The airline said they were preparing the dog for turbulence.

RYANAIR have a clause in their terms and conditions that say they reserve the right to charge you for two seats if they consider you overweight. However, they cannot guarantee they will be next to each other.

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