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Mustique Travel and Holiday Report - Part 2 Staying in Villas

Mustique is mainly an island full of villas which are mostly for rent. These vary from super luxury homes built for people like Tommy Hilfiger and Mick Jagger to smaller but equally beautiful homes mainly used for holiday lets.

As you would expect prices vary enormously but this is what to expect to pay per week if you rent one. We looked at the 2/3 bedroom villas like Bali Hi, Moana and Greystone Cottage. All have pools and come with staff to look after them and the guests. These usually comprise of 3 people to cook, garden and serve. The cost per week to rent these homes are from US$6500, US$7000 and US$8,000 respectively. This includes staff cost although be prepared to pay a tip of approximately 5% of villa rental.

As far as transportation is concerned the villas come with their own included transport and to get from Bridgetown, Barbados to Mustique about US$525 each. And the time to go? Well any time really but I like it particularly in November as everything is very green and the rain is not a major problem. October half term might also be a good choice. I do not have anything to do with the Mustique Company but if you wanted to have more of a look then type in

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about renting a villa with staff in the Caribbean. I mean what do you do with them? Do they hang around comparing you with the last guests? In fact that is why I personally chose the Cotton House Hotel. A bit daft of me really because the staff are around as much (or as little) as you want them to be.

 The food in the villas cooked by the chef is mainly superb but if you want something like beans on toast then say so and do it yourself if you want. It is after all laid out for you and nobody else! You can order stocks of food in advance or shop at a well equipped local store. And security? I know nowhere safer in the Caribbean or Wiltshire UK where I live! A blessed haven in this troubled world although nothing can be guaranteed anywhere.

Transport is always a bit of a worry especially in the Caribbean. Sure, on most islands you can hire a car, and what are the roads like? Are they full of mad drivers in big lorries and what if you get lost or run out of petrol/gas? On this island you drive ‘mules’. No, not the hairy four legged kind. These are what can be best described as heavy duty golf carts with attitude. They are huge fun to drive but not really lethal like a large car or lorry. The ‘roads’ are mainly tarmacked  with regular speed bumps and I have never seen anyone hit anyone ever. You need a visitors license but they can get these for you.

One thing you have to be careful about is………tortoises. Yes tortoises. In fact if you have a phobia about tortoises don’t go. The place is full of them and they even have an interesting statue of two having a good time on a road junction. Mating season seems to be June and it can be disconcerting to lie on your sunbed and hear low level grunting and shell clanking in the background! You get a few cats and dogs as well but most of them belong to someone and those that don’t are trapped and neutered to prevent breeding without disrupting mouse catching!

 That was the nearest I got to a celebrity when out there. I saw Sandy Gaul (newscaster) and Brian Ferry (singer) but the highlight was ‘Mick Jagger’s dog’ or so I was told. Anyway, none bothered us and you can be given water pistols to discourage birds that show an interest in your pizza! A great new hobby I will try at home.

Woops, there I go digressing again. Just to sum up the villas they include:
                Airport pick-up and transfer to villa
                Household staff
                Use of (6) floodlit tennis courts
                Managing Director’s Cocktail party
                One (1) vehicle
                Laundry service
                Fitness Trail

There are all sorts of other events and activities going on all the time and everyone was very helpful. You will enjoy!

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